life is full of questions

July 31, 2006


at 19, i’ve learned…
we are constantly asking questions..
for which there are frequently no answers

what do you want to be?

that’s a good question
How can I answer that at 19?
are you happy?
that’s another good question

happiness is an abstract concept

maybe I am happy
but not all the time

The past few months have been especially dificult
I know I made a lot of mistakes,
Nothing out of the ordinary,just as it should be.
All was fine…
…until that day.

that day.

Things change so much…
…but at the same time they stay so much the same.

Maybe because the world is round and has to spin.

I wonder if someday I may regret having…
…passed on the chance
I’ll find that answer in due time, too

In regard to the question of wheather I’m happy…
the answer is yes.
Not because I’ve achieved happines, but…
because I know that it’s not a place
…but rather a road.

Maybe love isn’t enough for relationship to work…
…but it is the main ingredient.

I don’t have all the answers.
But now I know what I want to be.

be a better person


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